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            冠狀病毒 coronavirus

            2019新型冠狀病毒 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


            肺炎 pneumonia

            病毒性肺炎 viral pneumonia

            不明原因肺炎 pneumonia of unknown etiology/cause

            嚴重急性呼吸道感染 severe acute respiratory infection (SARI)

            急性呼吸窘迫綜合征 acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

            呼吸道疾病(呼吸系統疾病)respiratory diseases

            國際關注的突發公共衛生事件 Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

            乙類傳染病 Category B infectious diseases

            人傳人 person-to-person/human-to-human transmission

            潛伏期 incubation/latent period

            無癥狀的潛伏期 silent/asymptomatic incubation period

            病毒攜帶者virus carrier

            無癥狀攜帶者 asymptomatic carrier

            超級傳播者super spreader

            飛沫傳播 droplet transmission

            接觸傳播 contact transmission

            病毒的蔓延 spread of a virus

            隱性感染 covert/silent/inapparent/subclinical infection

            外源性感染 exogenous infection

            密切接觸者close contact

            接觸者追蹤 contact tracing

            傳染途徑 route of transmission

            傳播方式 mode of transmission

            宿主 host

            易感人群 susceptible/vulnerable population

            醫院/院內感染 nosocomial infection; hospital-acquired infection

            職業暴露 occupational exposure

            確診病例 confirmed case

            疑似病例 suspected case

            散在病例 sporadic case

            輸入性病例imported case

            二代病例 second-generation case

            傳染性 transmissibility; infectivity

            致病性 pathogenicity

            疫情 epidemic; outbreak

            疫區 affected area

            發病 morbidity

            發熱病人 patients with fever; febrile patients; fever patients

            重癥 severe case

            發病率 incidence rate

            死亡率 mortality rate

            病死率(致死率)fatality/mortality/death rate

            治愈率 recovery rate

            疫情防控 epidemic prevention and control

            監測體溫 to monitor body temperature

            體溫檢測 to check body temperature

            早發現、早隔離 early detection and early isolation

            隔離治療 to receive treatment in isolation

            自我隔離 to quarantine yourself in your home; self-monitored quarantine

            臨床數據 clinical data

            核酸檢測 nucleic acid testing (NAT)

            核酸檢測試劑盒 nucleic acid testing kit

            血清診斷 serodiagnosis

            自覺接受醫學觀察 to present yourself to medical observation

            解除醫學觀察 to be discharged from medical observation

            診斷、治療、追蹤和篩査 diagnosistreatmenttracing and screening

            預防措施 preventive measure

            疫苗 vaccine

            戴口罩 to wear a mask

            勤洗手/仔細洗手 to wash your hands often/careflilly

            消毒 disinfection

            避免去人多的地方avoid crowds

            健康篩查 health screening

            旅行限制 travel restrictions

            健康申報表 health declaration form

            海鮮市場 seafood market

            活體農貿市場 live animal market

            濕貨市場wet market

            野味 bushmeat; game 6

            果子貍 masked palm civet


            竹鼠 bamboo rat


            突發公共衛生事件public health emergency

            啟動重大突發公共衛生事件一級響應to activate first-level public health emergency response

            掌握情況,不漏一人 to have full knowledge of the situation (of the community) and leave no one unchecked

            遏制疫情蔓延 to contain the outbreak

            封城 A city is on lockdown./A city goes into lockdown.

            延遲開學 to postpone the reopening of schools

            延長春節假期 to extend the Chinese New Year holiday

            (公共場所)消毒、通風以及體溫檢測 disinfection, ventilation and body temperature monitoring (in public areas)

            應急醫院 makeshift hospital

            火神山醫院 Huoshenshan Hospital (in Wuhan)

            雷神山醫院 Leishenshan Hospital (in Wuhan)

            暫停海外團隊旅行 to suspend overseas group tours

            關閉景點 to close scenic spots

            取消大型集會 to cancel mass gatherings

            減少外出 to make fewer trips outside

            控制人口流動 to curb population flow

            兩周觀察期 two-week observation period

            停運長途汽車 to halt long-distance buses

            調減市內公交 to reduce the frequency of bus services in the city

            特殊報銷政策 special reimbursement rules

            緊平衡 in tight balance

            醫療物資緊缺 shortage of medical supplies

            日常基本生活物資daily necessities

            跨境采購 cross-border procurement

            囤積食物 to stock up on food


            瞞報 to underreport

            哄抬價格 price gouging

            世衛組織 World Health Organization (WHO)

            中央應對新型冠狀病毒感染肺炎疫情工作領導小組(中央應對疫情工作領導小組) Leading Group of the CPC Central Committee for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control

            國家衛生健康委員會(國家衛健委)National Health Commission (NHS)

            中國疾病預防控制中心(中國疾控中心)Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC)

            國家醫療保障局(國家醫保局)National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA)

            醫療機構 medical institution

            衛生機構 health institution

            醫療從業者 medical practitioner; healthcare professional

            醫療人員 medical personnel; health workforce; health workers

            —線醫護人員 frontline health workers

            定點醫院 designated hospitals

            發熱門診 fever clinic

            重癥監護病房 intensive care unit (ICU)

            檢疫所 quarantine office

            藥店 pharmacy; drugstore

            病理 pathology

            病原體 pathogen

            病毒變異 virus variation

            病毒突變 virus mutation

            臨床表現 clinical picture

            上呼吸道感染 upper respiratory tract infection (URTI)

            低氧血癥 hypoxemia; low blood oxygen


            肺膿腫 lung abscess

            雙肺浸潤性病灶 infiltration in both lungs

            發熱 fever

            乏力 fatigue

            干咳 dry cough

            頭疼 headache

            胸悶 chest distress; chest oppression

            心慌 palpitations


            腹瀉 diarrhea

            呼吸困難 dyspnea; respiratory distress; breathing difficulties

            紅外體溫測量儀infrared thermometer

            探頭式測溫儀probe thermometer

            體溫檢測熱像儀 thermal imaging camera for temperature monitoring

            診斷器具 diagnostic tool/kit

            消毒液 disinfectant; antiseptic solution

            消毒濕巾 disinfectant/antiseptic wipes

            含酒精洗手液 alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer

            口罩 facemask; mask

            N95 口罩 N95 mask/respirator

            醫用外科口罩surgical mask

            防護服 protective suit

            護目鏡 goggles

            —次性手套 disposable gloves

            國際衛生條例 International Health Regulations (IHR)

            流行病學 epidemiology

            流行病學調査(流調)epidemiological investigation

            呼吸器官 respiratory organs

            呼吸道 respiratory tract

            消化系統 digestive system

            神經系統 nervous system

            流感influenza; flu

            結膜炎 conjunctivitis; pink eye

            宿疾、慢性病 chronic ailment; chronic disease

            高血壓 hypertension; high blood pressure

            糖尿病 diabetes; diabetes mellitus

            心血管病 cardiovascular disease

            基因序列 genetic sequence

            基因結構 genetic structure

            試劑 reagent

            診斷 diagnosis

            檢測樣本 test sample

            醫學觀察 medical watch; medical observation

            病毒分離 virus isolation

            抗病毒藥 antiviral drug

            退燒藥 febrifuge; antipyretic